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Futuraskolan international School of Stockholm

Futuraskolan International Pre-School Brahegatan

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Who Are We?

Futuraskolan International Brahegatan is an international pre-school which follows the Swedish national curriculum. We have 45 children between the ages of 1 and 6 years. Departments are created based on the ages of the children and vary in size.  Each department is lead by a team of teachers. We focus on providing our children with a voice of their own, engaging activities and recognizing their day to day accomplishments. Most importantly, we want our children to have fun!

Where Are We?

Futuraskolan International Brahegatan is located on Östermalm. The pre-school is newly renovated and we have our own playground outside the pre-school. We are close to the park Humlegården and just a couple of minutes walk from the big nature area Lill-Janskogen. It is just a doorstep away to museums and the marvelous Stockholm city.

What Do We Offer and How Do We Work?

We work thematically to stimulate learning in the areas of language, mathematics and natural sciences. We utilize many forms of pedagogical documentation, but something that follows our children through the years is their personal portfolio. Each department has their own age specific area which is designed to encourage and inspire the development of our children. We also have different learning areas to explore, like gym, library, make believe and natural science area. English is our medium of communication, but we also provide the children with opportunities to develop their Swedish language through the use of literature, songs, events and everyday interaction. In each group we have one english speaking educator and one swedish speaking educator. We make use of our International language library as we believe it is important to nurture every child’s native language and culture. We have a unified approach to language development and focus a lot on developing the cultural diversity of the school. We work on raising our awareness on how to take care of the environment through projects, dialogues, stories, and role playing. Our children play an active part in the recycling learning process by going to the recycling stations. They also look at what possibilities they can find from recyclable materials by using them for building, arts and construction. Along with our daily activities, it is our ambition to be outside two hours daily. Our partnership with the home is developed in many ways, one of which is through the use of our Parent Support Association. This is a forum for open dialog with our parents where we can exchange ideas, encourage parent involvement and allow parents opportunities to influence activities in the pre-school.

An application to Futuraskolan International School of Stockholm year 1 and Futuraskolan International Stockholm f-class must be done separately if you wish for your child to attend the schools after they have completed preschool. There is no guaranteed spot for your child at one of our schools even if they have attended our pre-schools. Therefore, a new application must be made.

Contact us

Pre-School Principal

Ferdie Sevilla


+46 (0) 767-23 30 29

Pre-School Admin

Fareeha Rizwan


+46 (0) 708 41 13 14

Find us

Brahegatan 45, 114 37 Stockholm

Opening times

Futuraskolan International förskolor följer Stockholm stads regler för barnomsorg och öppettider. Vi håller öppet alla helgfria dagar utom midsommar, julafton samt nyårsafton.

Monday - Friday: 0630 - 1830

What's for lunch?

Fredag - Vecka 29

Grillad kyckling med fransk potatissallad & kalla såser
Ört- och vitlökskryddad hirsbiff, Serveras med fransk potatissallad & kalla såser

Torsdag - Vecka 29

Vegetarisk dag på Östasiatiskt tema! Phad thai, bibimbap, kimchi

Onsdag - Vecka 29

"Veckans Fångst" Serveras bräserad i madrascurrysås, Serveras med jasminris och syrlig sallad på morot & äpple
Indisk Hirsnuggets, Serveras stekt med madrascurry, Serveras med jasminris och sallad på morot & äpple

Tisdag - Vecka 29

Hamburgare med tillbehör
Haloumiburgare med tillbehör

Måndag - Vecka 29

Pastasallad med bönor, baljväxter och veg-bites Serveras med kalla såser och röror